"Where Personal Consideration Is A Tradition"

Welcome to the Holmes-Watkins Funeral Homes website.

The Holmes Funeral Home has been a Manchester family business for over 85 years, and the Watkins Funeral Home has been a Manchester institution since 1876. We are a full-service funeral family. We understand that funerals are for the living, they allow family and friends to gather in honoring the deceased and to celebrate a life that has been lived. With that in mind, we strive every day to help every family we serve create a meaningful, individual service.

A full-service funeral home is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Just like medical facilities, ambulance services, police and fire departments, we respond when you call.

We have designed this website to provide you with information about the services that we offer to you, your family, and our community. We appreciate any comments, questions, or suggestions that you might have, and we encourage you to contact us at (860) 643-2441 [Holmes] or at (860) 646-5310 [Watkins], or we may be reached via email at holmes@hfhwfh.com



There are some very good reasons why you should consider pre-planning. Please call us at 860-643-2441 or 860-646-5310 to set up an appointment with a caring professional.


Online Tributes

If you cannot visit us in person, or if you wish to post a thoughtful message for other online visitors to read, please visit the Online Condolences: in this way you can still be with the family in thought by signing the online guestbook, expressing your condolences or sharing memories about the deceased. You can also place a memorial donation, send a floral tribute, or be reminded of the anniversary of a death.



Interested in prearranging? Do it without cost.

You can make all your decisions without having to pay upfront. Or, lock in today's prices.

Is there someone you'd like to memorialize?

You need not to have used our services to post on online tribute to share with family and friends.

We have grief resources.

You can see what's available for learning how to cope with grief.

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